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Effortlessly Manage Student Transportation with Customizable Bus Routes and Rosters
Effortlessly Manage Student Transportation with Customizable Bus Routes and Rosters

We're excited to introduce new transportation management tools allowing centers to easily manage transporting school-age children to school.

Written by David Weiss
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Configuring Bus Routes

Our intuitive interface enables administrators to define daily bus routes right from the settings menu, including:

  • Name for each route

  • AM, PM or both

  • Pickup/dropoff locations

Routes can also be updated or removed as needed each term or year. Simply click Admin > Settings > Configuration > Bus Routes > Configure and add the schools your children are bussed to and the names of the routes and schools they serve:

Bus Routes Configuration User Interface

Assigning Students to Routes

Individual student profiles now include dropdowns to assign that child to AM and PM bus routes. Assignments can be changed in real-time even up to the day of.

Simply navigate to the child's Profile tab and scroll down to the "AM Bus Route", "PM Bus Route", and "Drop off/Pick up School" section and make the appropriate selections for that child.

Child Profile Bus Route Fields

Printable Bus Rosters

With the click of a button, admins can produce PDF reports organized by route featuring:

  • Dated roster for chosen week

  • List of students assigned to each route

  • Signature lines for drivers to log student pickup/dropoff

Rosters auto-fill with assigned students each week, requiring no manual entry. They can be run weekly with fresh dates and student data.

Click Reports > Bus Run Roster > View Report, select the week and whether you want the morning or afternoon route, click Print View, and print it to your printer:

Printout Example

Simplify Student Busing

Whether you're managing special education transport, daily school shuttles or extracurricular activity buses, our route management and rostering tools remove the headache. We're here to answer any questions you may have!

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