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Automated Past Due Communications (Manage)
Automated Past Due Communications (Manage)

Users no longer need to spend time and effort trying to collect late payments—this feature automates such communications.

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Who can access this feature?

Mainly, site administrators and above. Strictly speaking, anyone with access to Admin > Settings > Configuration.

How is this used?

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Configuration > Dunning Communications > Configure

    1. (“Dunning” is a business term for an attempt to collect a debt.)

  2. Enable the “Enable the following balance statement email schedule for unpaid, past due invoices” toggle

  3. Enter a date for “What is the earliest invoice date you want to attempt to collect debt on?”

    1. (This date can be used to tell the system not to pursue past due payments before a certain date, for example if the company can no longer pursue such debts because they’ve been sold to a collections agency.)

  4. Fill out the form indicating how often to send emails and how many emails to send

  5. Save

    This will automatically email balance statements to people with past due balances until the maximum number of emails has been reached or until the person pays their outstanding bill.

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