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How to automatically assess late payment fees
How to automatically assess late payment fees

Manually managing late payment fees can be a pain. Let LineLeader help manage automatically assessing late payment fees to parents!

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LineLeader has the ability to automatically assess a late payment fee invoice if a parent does not complete payment on time. Let's explore how to configure this feature:

1. Ensure you have an Item set up to encompass your late payment fee. If you need help setting up your item, check out How to add plans and items to your billing configurations and set billing schedules, and then revisit this guide.

2. To enable auto-late fee assessment, you will need to edit your billing schedule. Tap Billing>Configuration>Settings then select "Edit" within the "Schedule" section

3. Scroll to the "Automatic Late Fees" section and select the checkbox to "Assess late fees automatically with item:". Next, select the item that represents the late fee you would like to assign. Finally, enter the number of days after the due date in which you'd like to assess your late payment fee.

For example, if you enter "1" here, the system will automatically invoice parents that have not paid one day after the invoice due date.

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 9.45.47 AM

4. Save your settings!

How it works:

Based on your settings above, if a parent does not a complete payment in time, the parents will automatically be issued a new invoice for the amount of the item you have selected. Please note, that this will not "add" to the invoice that was not paid in time, but rather create a new invoice. This ensures parents receive an emailed invoice for their late payment fee and allows for a bit more flexibility if changes or corrections need to be made.

Tip: If you'd like to see all of the Late Payment Fees you have sent out in a period, check out the Ledger Detail Report or the Summary Report for detailed information.

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