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Enroll in Autopay: How do I set up Automatic Payments?
Enroll in Autopay: How do I set up Automatic Payments?

Setup AutoPay for your invoices.

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Setting up Auto Pay will allow your caregiver payments to be processed easily and efficiently.

You will be emailed in advance when your payment is about to process. You will also be emailed when your Auto Payment has been processed.

To set up auto payment, please follow these steps on or through the LineLeader Mobile App.

From your Home Page, you can click the View Account link under "Billing".

Next, tap "Manage Payment Methods"

If you have not already entered your payment method. you can do so from this screen. Once your payment method is entered, select "Set AutoPay".

You may now select to pay the full amount of each invoice or a specific dollar amount on autopay. Please note, that if you choose to pay a specific amount monthly, your payment may not satisfy your full balance if additional charges are added to your account. To ensure your full invoice is paid each month, we recommend selecting "Full Amount".

Depending on your center, you will also see the rate that will be added to your payment to process your transaction. Please note there are different rates to process credit card payments than there are to process ACH payments. Carefully review these rates to understand the complete amount of your payment before enrolling in autopay.

Then, tap "Save"

Lastly, verify you have successfully enrolled in autopay by checking for the green "AutoPay" indicator next to your payment source.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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