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LineLeader Enroll - Facebook Integration
LineLeader Enroll - Facebook Integration

Learn how to use Facebook Lead Ads and/or Facebook Messenger with your CRM system

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(Note that this integration, like all others, requires access to the Automation > Marketplace navigation.) (This integration is not available in our legacy CRM platform.)


The Facebook Integration is really two integrations in one:

  • Facebook Messenger: a free messaging app. (Learn more.)

  • Facebook Lead Ads: a paid* advertising service. (Learn more.)

You can use your Facebook Integration to access Messenger from LineLeader Enroll without using Lead Ads. You cannot, however, use Lead Ads with LineLeader Enrol without also using Messenger.

* Lead Ad fees are paid to Facebook; integrating Facebook with LineLeader Enroll has no additional cost.

Enabling your Facebook Integration

Step A (if necessary): Set up one or more Facebook pages for your business, including Messenger (and optionally, set up Lead Ads).

Step 1: Click Automation > Marketplace

Step 2: Scroll down to the Integrate with Facebook section. Click "Add Integration".

Step 3: Enter the login credentials for your Facebook business page.

Step 4: If/when prompted with a security warning, click "continue":

Step 5: Map your Facebook pages to your organization. Facebook Messages (and Lead Ads) from new families will land in the “Action Pending Families” table at the indicated organization level.

When successful, you'll see Facebook listed under Current Integrations at the top of the Marketplace page:

(If you need to change the mapping of your Facebook pages, click the Facebook icon and select Update Location Mapping.)

And that's it--visitors to your Facebook page will be able to use Messenger to contact you. And if you have Lead Ads set up, guardians who are interested in your services will be able to send you their information.

Using your Facebook Integration

Parents who use either Messenger or Lead Ads to contact you will end up in your Action Pending Families queue as a new family. The system will check to see if they are possible duplicates, as normal.

If you accept them into your system, the new family will have a Facebook Messages chat window below the text chat window on the Family Hub's "Communication" tab.

New families that come into your system via Messenger will only have the guardian's name, because that's the only information Messenger provides. You'll want to reply and get more information.

New families that come into your system via Lead Ads must have First name, Last Name, (not full name) Email and Phone Number fields added to your Facebook Form to capture the lead info.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Facebook only allows business staff 7 days to respond to a customer or potential customer after that customer's last reply. If a customer stops communicating with you, after a week you will no longer be able to use Messenger to communicate with them unless they send you another message. Facebook is even more strict with automated messages, only allowing businesses 24 hours to send an automated response. Right now LineLeader Enrol doesn't permit automated responses to be delayed.

Creating an Automated Response

This response will only be sent once, the first time a new Facebook Messenger user contacts you and you've accepted the pending family into your system.

Note that text templates can also be used for Facebook messages. If you don't have an existing text template you want to use for your automated reply, create a new text template to use for your automated Facebook response before completing the following steps.

Step 1: Click Automation > Automations > Add Automation

Step 2: Add a name (required) and description (optional). If you don't want this workflow to affect all locations, click "Affected Locations" and uncheck locations as desired.

Step 3: Leave "Guardian Added Type" set to "All". Set the next four fields as follows:

  • When: Completed Task/Log

  • Field: Type

  • Operator: Equals

  • Equals: Facebook Message Received

Step 4: Set "Action Type" to "Send Facebook Message".

Step 5 (skip if Template Groups are not enabled): Choose whether you're using a template group or a specific template.

Step 6: Select the template you want to use for your automated replies.

Step 7 (optional): If you only want your automated reply to go out to new contacts but not existing families in your system, create stop triggers for every guardian and child status except New Family (or whatever your first status is called).

Step 8: Click Save.

If you have any further questions with the Facebook Integration (Lead Ads or Messenger) please email

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